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You Are Genius Pre-order

Only a few days left until the official release, pre-orders are available already for the beautiful CD by Berlins Post Rock band. Check out what the reviewers have been saying:

Baby Blau: “…schaffen es die Berliner, bei allen Einflüssen der alten Helden eigene Akzente zu setzen. Liebhaber der oben genannten Bands werden zufrieden sein. Schönes Teil!”

Alternative Matter: “You Are Genius contains eight stirring pieces that are not only of high calibre musicianship and stirring composition but come soaked in passion and emotion to induce feelings and thoughts in the listener rather than imagery”

Gezeitenstrom: “Condre Scr reifen zu einer festen Größe nicht nur regional heran”

Schallgrenzen: “”Shimmering walls of guitars without end, shouting for joy, drop, tension and relaxation, ambient post-rock and shoegaze”

Indie 30: “What has emerged is a tight and impressive collection of eight tracks that will nicely transport you to that place instrumental post rock does so well. And Condre Scr do it very well.”

The first track is already available as a stream and free download:


Customers from Canada and the USA, your link is here
Europeans and “rest of world” customers, you can get yours here

Downloads will be available from both stores on the release date (Feb 24th)

And make sure you follow the bands facebook page, as tour dates will be announced soon!