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This Patch of Sky pre-orders open now!

Finally back with their second EP, Oregons This Patch of Sky have developed their sound further. While their debut EP had a certain rawness about it, Newly Risen proves that they have evolved and refined their sound. 5 tracks show the band flexing their muscles with an “epicness” that they have become renowned for. Moving melodies, and sweeping atmospherics are interrupted by the three guitarists who pick up the pace with the drummer, and put the “Rock” back into “Post Rock”.

The addition of a seasoned keyboardist underlines how well the band fit together. The band doesn’t only share a passion for music, they are a unit that acts as a whole, and this is reflected on the EP. Each sound sits perfectly on each track, the listener can hear the passion in the music, and enjoy by repetitive listening.

Get your pre-order in now, these will ship to arrive on or around the release date (October 26th)!

Pre-order here


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