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The Circle Project

So I have been carrying an idea around with me since last year… it’s time for it to be let out of the depths of my mind, and aired for you all to hear: The Circle Project

Rather than do a standard remix album or a CD full of covers, the concept is to create a closed circle of remixes. Artist A reinterprets Artist B, Artist B does Artist C, and Artist C does Artist A, thus creating a circle. The tracks are selected by the label rather than the bands, solely with the intention of creating a full concept of an album or EP, rather than a random set of tracks.

The bands/artists are given their tracks and the only boundary they have to remain in is that the reinterpreted track is recognisable as the original. Apart from that, they have a completely free hand to excercise their creativity as they see fit.

The releases are special. They are not intended to be a mass market product. The releases will always be a “name your price” download, and individual EPs or albums may be available as a limited edition CD. The aim is to satisfy music fans, and not to storm the charts. Music that an Artist or Band (and the label) loves, reinterpreted by another similarly minded artist or band.

Section1: elektronik is the first in the series. Comprised of three tracks by three ambient and electronic artists/bands the release marks the kick off of the project and effectively shows that a remix isn’t just a task, that it can be seen as a work of passion in itself.
The Echelon Effect(London, UK) is a well known solo artist that has released many EPs, singles and albums, in both digital and physical formats as well as remixes of tracks by the likes of God is an Astronaut have cleared carved the artist a name in the scene. In Section1: elektronik, he reinterprets “Like You Woke Up Too Late” by Apta.

Apta (Cardiff, UK) is the newest on the musical scene. Just starting out, he is a friend of experimentation, and willing to take musical risks. Not yet having a large discography, most of the available tracks can be found on BandCamp as free downloads. Expect to hear more from him in the near future! On this release, “The Child” (The Eternal Twilight) is given the once over.

The Eternal Twilight (the world) is comprised of 4 people, in 4 countries. Hailing from the US, Germany, Pakistan and India, they are the living proof that music knows no boundaries. They have already released an album, Everything Resembles You, and have since done remixes, EPs, and collaborations with other ambient artists. On this EP they have covered What Makes Us So Uncommon by The Echelon Effect.

The Circle Project – Section1: elektronik is available immediately as a “name your price” download with a minimum of €0.00. A limited amount of CDs will be made available within the next weeks.

The Circle Project has it’s own website here.

Enjoy and spread the music!