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New stuff to listen to

I had some time on my hands yesterday, so I went through my recommendations, and then onto Bandcamp to see what I could find. Of the 4 recommended bands by, 3 are fantastic, thus I pass the recommendations on to you:

Overhead, The Albatross: Lads with Sticks

I am surprised I havent heard these guys before, over 1000 Facebook fans, and the EP is amazingly good! 4 tracks of classic Post Rock, each one a gem! The EP was released in January 2011, and is a treat for all fans! Top track: Liam Neeson
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The Mountaineering Club Orchestra: A Start On Such A Night Is Full Of Promise

A side project from a student, The Mountaineering Club Orchestra (TMCO) defines itself as minimalistic Post Rock. Nested quietly between classic, electronica and Post Rock, the album provides a safe haven from screeching guitars and feedback. Each track is a delicate blend of styles, a surprise for the listeners ears. Top track: The Voyage (for Sigur Rós fans) or Cruising in the Ice (for (originality)
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Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud: Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud

Another band bringing delicacy to music, as well as a good portion of strings. As above, there are definite notes of classic that only go to improve the whole album. The build ups from gentle beginnings with strings over guitars with an epicness to crush you are amazing!. Top track: A Stolen Life
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