How do you describe something that has a physical form, but the form is not of relevance. We didn’t start out to make a CD, we wanted to curate an album out of respect for the hundreds and thousands of musicians who are doing what they do out of passion.

We are both music fans. we have been for years, and we are both relatively unmusical, yet we still devoted a large part of our personal lives to music. One of us runs one of the most popular blogs for underground instrumental music, the other runs a small label for the same music genre. We do so because we want to be involved and this is how we can apply our passion. We both promote new and upcoming bands as far as we can.

As such, we have made many friends over the years. And as much as we appreciate their friendship, we appreciate their support even more. We asked many musician friends if they would be interested in participating in this project, and 98% said yes. They didn’t say yes to make money, they did it because we’re on the same wave-length.

And thus we present our album, “Ode To an Unspoken Movement”. 35 tracks, each and every one of them unreleased, each and every one of them brilliant, and each and every one of them showing the diversity of the genre we have come to love. Post Rock has many faces, instrumental, epic, ambient, electronic, alternative, glitchy, crescendo-filled and so on. Whatever you may know of the genre. you will find tracks on this album that meet your expectations, and you will find many that don’t. And exactly that is the strength of this album.

We obviously want you to know what you’re getting in this package, here are a couple of the tracks: