When was the last time you heard an album and thought: “this is fun”?

I don’T mean fun in the sense that you can sit back and enjoy the CD, I mean fun in the sense that it changes your mood, it makes the sun shine brighter, the green leaves of the trees greener, and the birds chiprier. That is exactly what this album does!

A 12 track beauty, the album is a jingly jangly, shiny smily soundtrack for good times, good friends, good weather.

“Listen to this and Swoon.” – BBC Introducing

“Beautiful orchestrated songs, filled with rich textures and melodies, that leave us craving for more.” – Cast the Dice

“Orchestral, monumental and full of post-rock build ups.” – Musical Mathematics

“It caught my attention quickly, how good instrumental music should – distinctive, uplifting and likeable. The songs tell stories.. purveying jubilant choral remnants, akin to the likes of The Polyphonic Spree” – Play a Song for me