Epically atmospheric and inspiring like a fast motion wide angle video camera shot of a insanely green field laid before a sky as blue and gorgeous as the thought of the most perfect pussy you can imagine, This Patch of Sky are driving a maroon van and giving out free motherfucking candy yo. Syffal

As the summer season starts and the car tops go down, it’s time for this sort of music to start blasting again. This Patch of Sky makes it seem effortless. Avoiding the ponderous builds and ambient noodling that have killed many of their peers, the band dives right into the good stuff. Excellent drumming, clearly delineated guitar lines and crisp mastering contribute to an ongoing sense of bloom. This is indeed the sound of morning, of new seasons and new possibilities. A Closer listen

This is not an album to merely listen in the background, but rather to press play, close your eyes, and soak up the introspective music. Indie Vision Music