Tunturia is back, is back with a 5 track album! The Canadian collective that explore musical depths have produced Halls of Sky, a continuation of their sonic travels. Whereas Maps and Invisible Cities relied on instrumental sounds, occasionally using voice samples, Halls of Sky sees the band using vocals, an intriguing blend!

The album is available in September 2014 as a digipack CD (€10) or a digital download (€0 or more).

“One of the few other bands that can fit into that scenery so beautifully is Toronto’s Tunturia, an on-and-off post-rock group with the best handle on the quiet/loud dynamic this side of Explosions in the Sky. Unlike that instrumental juggernaut, though, Tunturia treats its quiet moments as more than just mechanisms to set up the big climax. When the eruption does come, it also packs a lot more bite (distortion, volume, emotion, awesome) than many of the derivative bands in the genre.” – Knox Road