Masaki is a man with a respectable background, having been part of the Miso Soup collaborations and travelling the world, he settled in London to focus on a more varied project, “Just Becoming”, a sound design company. Crossing the bridge from multimedia specialisation to a purely musical project, cannot have been easy for Masaki. Well known in the advertising world for musical and visual presentations for Levis, Shiseido, Triptych, Diesel or Dunhill, this is the debut album in a different scene. Comfortable with building soundscapes that go hand in hand with visual aspects, Masaki has managed to create an electronic

Breakfast At The Twilight is Masakis debut album as a solo artist. As mentioned above however, this is not detrimental as he brings a wealth of experience, which is immediately recognisable. The first track, which is also the title track, starts with a repetitive and delicate guitar, which is then joined with a somehow Japanese seeming melody. The build up is slow, echoes appear and remain at the forefront, and this delicacy remains throughout the album. Blending electronica with analogue warmth, Masaki Hosotani has created a soundscape fit for the first day of spring.