Recommendations 2011 | Oxide Tones


Recommendations 2011

As always, in no particular order… and I have of course left the releases out that are on the label, should be obvious that I love and recommend them 🙂

Band: Years of Rice & SaltRelease: Nothing of Cities

Band: eaststrikewest
Release: We’re important and we keep the city running

Band: Overhead, the Albatross
Release: Lads with Sticks

Band: The Mountaineering Club Orchestra
Release: A Start on Such a Night is Full of Promise

Band: Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud
Release: Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud

Band: All Shall be Well
Release: Roodblauw

Band: Bones like Snowflakes
Release: Second Star To The Right, Then Straight ‘Till Morning

Band: The Files & Fires
Release: For People Talk Lightly…

Band: Explosions in the Sky
Release: Take Care, Take Care, Take Care

Band: This Will Destroy You
Release: Tunnel Blanket

Band: …And Stars Collide
Release: The Courage to Start Again

Band: Administration Shock Him
Release: EP “39:03”

Band: Empire Express
Release: Valleyland

Band: Industries of the Blind
Release: Chapter 1: Had We Known Better

Band: Kontakte
Release: We Move Through Negative Spaces

Band: Khuda
Release: Iecava