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Oxide Tones in the USA and Canada

As some of you know, even though shipping prices have dropped recently, getting CDs sent to the USA and Canada from Europe can be expensive, and a few potential customers have complained in the past, even though I only charge the exact shipping costs.

While it is obviously impossible for Oxide Tones to influence the shipping costs themselves, together with a friend, we have found a way around the costs. Effective immediately, all releases on the Oxide Tones label will also be available from a new online store that we have opened, http://postrock-store.com.

This isn’t a distro agreement or a drop-shipper handling things, all of the Oxide Tones CDs are in safe hands in Austin, Texas, and will be shipped from there. I believe this is an important step for Oxide Tones in an ever changing music business, where it is near to impossible to get distribution deals, as it will allow us to make our music available to our friends and customers on the other side of the Atlantic.

What is available there?

Basically all of the OXIDE releases except “More Hope for Japan”. While the idea is to keep shipping costs low for North American customers, we decided to make the digital releases available too, for the sake of completeness. Albums that we releases with free give aways, such as the Canyons of Static album, Farewell Shadows, will also be available without the free give aways, as we do not stock these items in both locations.

Albums, EPs, singles that we stock and sell, but are not on the label, will not be made available at http://postrock-store.com as they are only stocked in Germany.