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Ode To An Unspoken Movement

A few months ago, I was approached by Mog from The Sirens Sound, regarding a compilation album. The idea was to create a compilation of unreleased tracks, I was interested, so got involved.

That project is nearing completion, and we have a total of 35 unreleased tracks from 30 artists. That’s over 4 hours of music, that we will be releasing digitally, and with the help of a Kickstarter project, on CD and very possibly also on vinyl – depending on the success of the fundraiser.

Our roles have been very mixed in this project. Curation was done by both of us, we’ve worked on the artwork, and were fortunate to get a beautiful image of Dani by a very talented photographer (Rosario Spatone), which pointed me down the road of minimal artwork, allowing the music to speak for itself, without the artwork getting in the way.

The musicians have been great. Many actually went to the studio for us, as they didn’t have unreleased tracks. Many gave us a bunch of merch for the fundraising packages.

And finally, we are in a position to release details!

Artists involved (in alphabeitcal order): 6LA8, A Shelter In The Desert, Aesthesys, All You’ve Seen, Collapse Under The Empire, Crimson Mourn, Dolls Come To Life, Francesco Berta and the Modern Dinosaurs, Herbstlaub, Human Pyramids, Jet Plane, Kriva, Labirinto, Late Night Venture, Linear Bells, Luop Garou, Monsters Build Mean Robots, My Cats A Stargazer, My Education, ODDS & ENDS, Qualia, Sky Flying By, Somnium, The Nikki Grace Experience, The Stars Above, This Patch of Sky, Thursday Bloom, Tunturia.

Stream a couple of tracks here:

And finally, go check out the Kickstarter project (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/782612656/ode-to-an-unspoken-movement-an-undiscovered-album), and get your hands on some pretty sweet deals and packages!

Update! The merch items are gradually arriving at my doorstep, you can check pictures out here or directly at the KickStarter page.