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New recommendations

Over the past weeks, I have been hunting for new music, and wanted to share what I found, and whats been blaring through my speakers/headphones since then:

All shall be well (and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well) – ROODBLAUW:

Apart from having probably the longest band name, this young band from Holland have produced a masterpiece of a debut album. 5 tracks totalling in at 40 minutes, they expertly take the listener on a journey, each track telling a story in itself. The album was created over the period of a year, and is magnificently augmented by the limited edition physical CD: A 40 page booklet with images and text snippets, in a fittingly red and blue hue (ROODBLAUW means redblue in Dutch), its the perfect companion when listening in. Respect to the band for being original with this as well as with the music. Top track: Once There Were Legions

Bones Like Snowflakes – Second Star To The Right, Then Straight ‘Till Morning:

The EP starts off heavy, and not really Post Rock-ish at all. From track 2 onwards though, the band shows what they are made of, with an interesting blend of screaching guitars, epic anthem-like build ups, and rythmic drums. A sweet EP that shows much promise! Top track:The World is Gold, and Yours

The Files & Fires – For People Talk Lightly… :

Floating in gently, this release starts as soft as a stroke on the cheek, ambient sounds and a sweet melody, picking up halfway through the second track with strings, and what sounds like an orchestra. Guitars join in, building up bit by bit, changes in speed make sure that the listener doesnt get too comfortable. Calm droney tracks are intermingled between the “in your face” post rock, making the CD is one that should be listened to as a whole. I’m not sure if this was designed as a concept album, but that’s what it feels like! Top track: The Iron Pillars


  1. Zavi Harman says:

    The Files & Fires are amazing!
    The ending to Veils in the Wing is absolutely perfect

  2. Zavi Harman says:

    The Files & Fires are amazing!
    The ending to Veils in the Wind is absolutely perfect