Free 2013 EP | Oxide Tones


Free 2013 EP

Here it is, the free EP you’ve all been waiting for! 8 tracks, by 8 artists. Nothing special, right?

Wrong, then all of these 8 tracks are from albums or EPs that will be released on Oxide Tones in the next few months. Here is where you’ll find the tracks at some point within 2013:

OXIDE024 – Masaki_Hosotani – Breakfast At The Twilight
OXIDE026 – Moji Moji – Toda Esta Naturaleza Es Impredecible
OXIDE028 – Monsters Build Mean Robots – WeShouldHaveDestroyedOurGeneralsNotTheirEnemies
OXIDE029 – Francesco Berta – Modern Dinosaurs
OXIDE035 – Umber – Sunshine Young
OXIDE036 – A Shelter In The Desert – Maze Of Memories
OXIDE037 – Human Pyramids –
OXIDE042 – The Echelon Effect – Atlantic


Get the free download here!