Distro? Yes Please! | Oxide Tones


Distro? Yes Please!

Have: ear-achingly loud, epic and tranquil, majestic and silent, guitar-driven and electronic, brilliant and sexy, crystal clear and muted, riffs and melodies, moving and tear-jerking, provoking and uplifting, joyful but grungy, soothing and monumental, repetitive and mathematical, moody and poetic, dramatic and dynamic, cheerful and wild, melancholic nd acoustic, orchestral and indie, progressive and off-key, sharp and harmonious, fuzzy and rhythmic, oozing but kick-ass, tearing and ripping, banging but crisp, discordant and thoughtful, artistic but camp, cacophonous and zany, victorious but jazzy lively and psychedelic, figurative and lifelike, realist but minimalist, echoing and fading, exploding and retreating, surreal but expressionist, spiritual and choral, melodic but euphonious, tuneful and vocal, soloist but orchestral, ethereal and symphonic, hypnotizing but inquisitive, roaring and naughty, nasty but emotional, immense and soft, courageous but breezy, substantial and airy, precious but dark, powerful and energizing, gigantic but sparkling, hollow and filling, crowded and gifted, universal but individual, dreamy and enchanting, witty but vivacious music.

Want: Distro.