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The Sun Aesthetic

The Sun Aesthetic

The Sun Aesthetic is the project of Anthony Raad, from San Jose, California. He aims to create organic sounds through electronic means with ambient and post-rock influences. Though the project as it is known today didn’t come to life until 2010, the heart of his music took root much earlier. At age 11, Anthony picked up his first pair of drumsticks and found his home. As he spent years teaching himself how to play, he added a number of instruments to his repertoire. Today, he is equipped with the ability to play drums, guitar, bass, and piano, and has developed a thorough understanding of the synthesis of sound— all of which influence The Sun Aesthetic’s music in one way or another.
While he finds inspiration in the compellingly melodic themes of bands like The American Dollar and Near the Parenthesis, The Sun Aesthetic has given rise to an entirely new sound; composing music that dances through an array of emotions and melts into colors of tones, The Sun Aesthetic aims to create organic sounds that move the listener.