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Monsters Build Mean Robots

Monsters Build Mean Robots

Monsters Build Mean Robots (MBMR) is a Brighton based bandthat began as a side-project for members of Last Days of Lorca and Court of Hidden Faces and quickly turned into one of Brighton’s biggest and best Post Rock bands. Since releasing their début album on Nice Weather For Airstrikes Records in 2007 the band have extensively toured the UK and Ireland.

The release of their Self-titled début in October 2007 saw MBMR mix electronic loops and beats with layered guitar, organ and vocals. Creating an epic, slow-build form of Post-Rock, they gained local and national recognition through the likes of Stuart Maconie (BBC) and Artrocker magazine. Since this album the band have gained more members and instruments, with the introduction of cello, violin, bass, and melodica creating a more wholesome sound. The vocals have progressed from layered and accompanying sounds -prominent in the first album – to melodic, harmonious centre points, with strong and structured lyrical themes. The last single, ‘Psalm 57 (Or) All That Gold Did Not Help Your Soul’, began the build up to the bands 2nd album – a more band centred Record based upon the live versions of the songs.

MBMR have been lucky enough to share the stage with the likes of And So I Watch You From Afar, Staefraenn Hakon, Codes in the Clouds, Her Name is Calla, iLiKETRAiNS and God Is An Astronaut, and has just been confirmed to play Meadowlands Festival with notable acts Turin Brakes, Electric Soft Parade and Mirrors.