Oxide Tones, a one stop Post Rock specialist!

Oxide Tones started up in November 2004. Back then, I was frustrated at having to pay 17€ (and more) for a CD, as well as at the lack of choice in Germany. I ended up buying CDs online, and having them sent from USA, Japan as well as other European countries. This of course involved paying customs and high shipping fees. My girflriend suggested that I import more, with the intention of selling the CDs to other like-minded fans who were experiencing the same difficulties getting hold of decent music.

Oxide Tones became Germanys first Post Rock online shop.

Since then, Oxide Tones has sold over 5000 CDs to customers all over the world. It turned out that Post Rock fans liked the idea of buying multiple CDs from someone who liked the same music, as I am able to recommend artists and CDs. While many of the sales I make are done via eBay, I have always tried to make the music as accessible as possible. Apart from the shop on this site, I run five-questions.com which interviews bands from the Genre, and I also used to run Trigger Happy Traitor which streamed music, allowing people to listen to CDs before purchasing. Trigger Happy Traitor was taken offline in early 2010 as I didntn’t have the time to dedicate to it.

A Label?

After speaking to a couple of bands towards the end of 2010, I realised that I may be able to help small and yet unknown bands with their plans. As most bands don’t start with a bang or a big budget, it can be difficult for them to get onto a label. Although there are a few labels out there that really dig Post Rock, they of course can’t take every band on. That’s where I hope to help. Having been in the business for a while, I have managed to gain quite a network of people, from labels, distributors, shops, pressing plants etc. Using that network, I hope to help bands get a “foot in the door”.

How does it work

Basically, I’ll try and work with bands to find out what they need, and how I can help. In some cases it may just be getting a run of CDs printed, in other cases it may be getting CDs onto the market to distributors. If you know any bands that could do with someone to help them out, them send them my way, I’m always willing to listen to them and work out if I can help.